Have you taken advantage of Mutual of Omaha’s Fit underwriting credits?

Our Fit underwriting credit program rewards your client for basic quality health
maintenance on cases that might be mildly or moderately rated. If your clients have
maintained a healthy lifestyle, they may qualify for underwriting credits.

Where the Fit program applies:

  • Ages 18-75
  • Minimum face amount of $250,000
  • Maximum face amount of $1,000,000*
    Nontobacco users
  • Base rating after normal credits of table 4 or less
  • Does not apply to “flat extra” ratings

Check out the Fit test for details on lifestyle and medical credits and how credits are applied. Remember to complete the Fit test with every app!

Fit credits apply to all fully underwritten Term and Universal life insurance policies offered by United of Omaha Life Insurance Company and Companion Life Insurance Companies.

As always, our underwriters are available to answer your questions: 1-800-775-7896

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