Banner Life: News You’ve Wanted to Hear: Underwriting Criteria Improvements

We are committed to delivering thoughtful, skilled and responsible underwriting, striving to make it easier for you to do business with us. Effective immediately, improvements have been made to enhance the underwriting process and offers. 


Increased inspection limits: Routine inspection reports no longer required for amounts through $2 million through age 60.


Third party inspection reports: No longer required for amounts over $2 million through $3 million. They will be handled by our in-house AppAssist Call Center.


Abbreviated Paramedical limits: Extended for amounts over $1 million through $3 million through age 50. (Examiner does not ask history questions – non-med part 2 required).


Family history: For clients over age 70 who do not use tobacco, a family history of cardiovascular disease will no longer be a consideration in determining underwriting class.


GERD and Asthma: The mandatory APS requirement is eliminated for histories of GERD and Asthma. The underwriter may ask that a questionnaire be completed by some clients and will require an APS for those that appear to be severe cases, but a significant number of APSs will be eliminated. (The more complete the application, the greater the likelihood that an APS won’t be needed.)


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