September is Life Assurance Awareness Month

The Wonders of Life is a simple concept. We live for life’s wondrous moments. From simples pleasures like enjoying quality time with loved ones to major milestones such as seeing a child reach graduation day, these are the moments we cherish most. Life insurance is all about ensuring that the life you’ve worked so hard to achieve for your loved ones won’t come to a halt if something were to happen to you. Unfortunately, tens of millions of Americans lack adequate life insurance protection. If they were to die prematurely, life would quickly become a struggle for their loved ones, leaving little time to savor life’s wondrous moments.

LIFE has put together its 2010 LIAM Producer Toolkit. The kit makes it easy for you to put together a high-impact, LIAM marketing program, and to do it with relatively little effort. Most of the kit resources are accessible with the click of a mouse. 

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