Save Time When Saving Age

Our new guidelines for “backdating” to save the insured’s age also save time on processing. See how to  shave days from the new business cycle, particularly when there is an age change while the application is pending.

Enhanced Guidelines for Backdating To Save Age

Applicants who have had a birthday within the past six months may receive a substantial premium savings by requesting their policy to be “backdated to save age.” Policies can be “backdated” up to six months prior to the date of application in order to purchase a policy at the younger age.*
Previously, in order to save age, New Business required the “Backdating to Save Age” form be submitted upon application. Instead, signatures can now be obtained upon delivery.
For applicants who change age while the application is pending in New Business, our enhanced guidelines also save time by minimizing policy reissues. If an age change has occurred during the New Business process:
  • As long as a request is noted in writing (on the application, illustration, email, coversheet, etc.), New Business will automatically backdate the policy to save age.
  • If there is no indication to save age, New Business will proactively email or call the agency to confirm that the policy should be backdated. If New Business is unable to confirm this information within two business days, the policy will be issued at the client’s current age.

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