Chargebacks? Chargebacks Are So Career!

We’ve been fielding a lot of questions in the last few days about charging back earned commissions … For your convenience, the answer is reproduced below from our broker agreement, section “4. COMPENSATION”: If the Company shall become liable for the return of any premiums for any cause, including, but not limited to, premiums returned … Continue reading

Products At A Glance: Take Another Look At Legal & General America in 2011

If you think Banner and William Penn are just term companies…   Take Another Look.   Speed your way through our new Products At A Glance guide now available in the marketing section at This guide outlines our entire Term and UL portfolio, minimum face amounts,  issue ages, product highlights, surrender charges, conversions and … Continue reading

Exciting Changes from Transamerica

New Product Launch This Week Introducing TransTermSM . . . our new UL product that blends the basic characteristics of level term insurance with the guaranteed protection available with No-Lapse Universal Life. It offers competitively priced protection, along with the guarantees and flexibility to transition to lifetime coverage. A full suite of marketing materials will be … Continue reading

Strategic Repositioning of West Coast Life

and Protective Life Insurance Companies Over the past several years, the life insurance industry has experienced dramatic change. In 2008 our Company (West Coast Life and Protective Life) began to evolve our life business to a more balanced model with greater emphasis on permanent life insurance products. To that end, we have implemented many changes … Continue reading

Life insurance is the only industry that takes the risk out of life.

As professionals in this business, it’s critical that we all pause for a moment to digest that statement.  The notion is absolutely fundamental, especially at a time when our customers are painfully aware of the need for protection. This shift in risk awareness is unprecedented, and it’s creating enormous opportunities for us.  The question is, … Continue reading