Introducing PruTerm Worklife65

Introducing WorkLife 65, an innovative term product from Pru that will offer consumers a unique package of benefits. It will be available beginning February 2011 in approved states. WorkLife 65 will offer your producers a great new product to sell that will help them get off to a fast start in reaching their 2011 goals.

What makes WorkLife 65 so new and exciting?

• It can help broaden sales markets by leveraging WorkLife 65 and tapping into the younger markets!

• No other major carrier offers the same blend of product benefits, features, and up to 40 years of coverage (30 years in Washington State)!

• It provides a built-in benefit that waives premium payments if:

–         Your client becomes disabled (at any time up to age 65).

–         Your client becomes unemployed. If the insured becomes unemployed after the first contract anniversary, but before age 65, Prudential will waive one continuous year of premiums. The insured must remain unemployed for 60 days, receive state unemployment benefits and have been continuously employed during the year preceding the date unemployment began. The unemployment feature may only be used once.

Pru conducted extensive research while developing WorkLife 65 to validate the market.  Our focus group results show that:

• 9 out of 10 consumer focus group participants wanted to learn more about the product after reading a description.

• 9 out of 10 consumer focus group participants thought WorkLife 65 offered better value than a basic term policy, after seeing the pricing customized to their age and sex.

• 9 out of 10 financial professionals said they would present this product to their clients interested in term insurance, after reading about the product and seeing pricing examples.

• The strongest appeal for younger consumers is guaranteed coverage to age 65.

More reasons to sell WorkLife 65:

 • WorkLife 65 is attractively priced compared with Pru’s and other carriers’ basic term products.

• WorkLife 65’s built-in benefit was built for today’s realities and will resonate with consumers.

• WorkLife 65 is convertible to our entire permanent portfolio at any time up to age 65 without the need for a medical exam, guaranteed.

Chuck E. Anderson

Senior Vice President


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