Marketing by Generation: Connecting With Generation Y: 9 Ways to Grab Their Attention

The biggest lesson: Don’t judge a book by its cover — or its reputation  Young. Impatient. Plugged in. Casual. Flippant. Presumptuous. These are but a few of the ways that people, mostly of the older generations, describe the typical member of Generation Y. Here’s another way to think about them: the largest generation in the … Continue reading

Youngest Workers Become Increasingly Benefits Savvy

Gen Y’s financial knowledge is becoming more grounded in industry information and less in the advice of friends and family. Today, most of their information about benefits comes from the workplace. Over the past two years, the youngest generation in the workforce has become more engaged in learning about the benefits that can help protect … Continue reading

The DAI LTCi Newsletter for May 2011

DAI News & Notes – PruLife SUL Protector—Notes–PruLife-SUL-Protector.html?soid=1101728984258&aid=rkCLomuIrXg.

DI News from DAI for May 2011