Social Media Whac-A-Mole

Is social media just an electronic version of Whac-A-Mole?  It can certainly feel that way at times. New functionality seems to pop up on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter with all the regularity of the moles in the classic arcade game. New sites frequently emerge with social media users joining the conversation every second. It seems … Continue reading

Prospecting Through Client Appreciation

For the mature advisor, prospecting and marketing tactics often differ from those of younger or newer producers. Rather than “cold calling” by phone or in person, much of the marketing that takes place revolves around providing value to existing clients. Taking the time to foster deep connections results in a better experience for the individual … Continue reading

The Annuity Match Game

The key to selling annuities is to match the right client with the right contract at the right time. That’s not necessarily easy. When I wrote Annuities for Dummies a few years ago, I was tempted to preface the book with a funny, disarming line like, “I know what you’re thinking … ‘Annuities are for … Continue reading

Don’t Count Out Insurance Producers vs. Financial Advisors

We have all seen the multiple studies showing the number of independent insurance producers sliding while the number of financial advisors rises (or at least doesn’t fall as alarmingly). But apparently not everyone is getting on the train—and some are getting off the financial advisor express. That is according to some opinions voiced at the … Continue reading

Rethinking Life

How I Learned That Assuming Clients Don’t Want to Hear About Life Insurance is Perilous WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT selling life insurance, does your inner voice yell back these objections? “Too much trouble; will kill my other sales; too complicated; my clients are too old; don’t know enough; not my thing; can’t get them through … Continue reading