Prospecting through difficult times

Success in sales, as in any other worthwhile endeavor, is difficult even during times of economic booms. Opportunities are leaner, and there’s more competition for them. When times are tough, financial sales are even more difficult to accomplish.

When an agent struggles through economic difficulty, his emotional stability is challenged. Our emotions have a great influence on our ability to prospect and thrive. If an agent is stressed, his practice is in serious jeopardy. When other outside factors come into play, prospecting becomes a large mountain to climb. Because attitudes play a significant role in how we are perceived, when we have a bad attitude, prospecting and sales suffer deeply.

All of us are suffering economic difficulties, but some of us are suffering even more. What happens when tragedy strikes your family? Incidents such as marital difficulties or even divorce create extreme stress on our ability to perform. What about stray children who are rebellious, into substance abuse or worse? How do you fight through life’s difficulties and still function effectively?


In November 2010, I faced my most difficult emotional challenge that continues even now to create stress, challenging functionality. I’ve had difficulties before, losing both parents and a rough divorce in 1987. Building a successful practice and marketing company did not prepare me for November.

While driving from a dinner with friends, my 19-year-old daughter, Kristin, suffered a brain bleed that rendered her unconscious and caused her to pass away four days later. There aren’t words available to describe the pain and distress such an event creates. It definitely creates stress. Functioning in life is difficult after a life-altering event, and running a business is almost too much, but it can be done.

In the world of prospecting, when something happens to distract you from your goals, you must have a system in place that will withstand stressful times. If you are struggling without stress, your practice could be doomed if anything goes wrong.

Planning for tough times is a smart move. I have continued producing seminars even though, at times, they were tough to deliver. Because they have advance preparation and are on autopilot, I have consistently had great prospects for the last few months and continue to do business.

Prospecting methods that work, no matter what, will sustain you through even the most difficult of times. Survive in difficulty, thrive when the sailing is smooth.

Kristin would expect me to function and even thrive. I expected no less than her best. She would expect no less of me. Planning and execution of tried and proven prospecting concepts will get you through even when you don’t feel like it. Now is the best time to create and sustain consistent, unrelenting prospecting activity.


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