DAI News: September is Life Insurance Awareness Month


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Life Insurance Quotes Are Only as Good as Your Medical Records

Your medical records keep track of every illness and doctor visit you’ve ever had in your life. That information can be very interesting to any company that wants to know how healthy you are and whether you might experience health problems in the near future. Although there are some federal and state protections in place … Continue reading

Look to Annuities for Security

Receiving that last paycheck can be very unsettling for most people entering retirement. A rational calculation of preparedness only modestly soothes the emotional fear of running out of money. Knowing with certainty there will be a check coming in every month can provide considerable emotional relief. Historically, Social Security has provided at least a good … Continue reading

Final Expense Life Insurance: Insuring a proper farewell

Before he became director of marketing and assistant vice president at Oxford Life Insurance Co. in Phoenix, Michael Frahm worked as a certified financial planner. It was during that time he saw firsthand how important final expense (FE) insurance can be to seniors, especially those of limited means. One day, he visited an elderly couple. … Continue reading