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The Origins of an Industry [Life Insurance]

 Brian Anderson is Editor of Life Insurance Selling. Everybody knows the Roman Empire was a remarkably advanced society. They built aqueducts and roads; the Roman Legion was perhaps the most formidable military force in history; and the Romans made big advances in language and judicial law, just to name a few significant achievements. But while … Continue reading

Technically speaking, life insurance is behind the times

Robert W. “Bob” MacDonald, CLU, started selling life insurance in 1965 as an agent for New England Mutual Life. In 1999, his company, LifeUSA, merged with Allianz Life of North America, and MacDonald became the company’s CEO. Under his leadership, Allianz Life doubled in size. He retired in 2002 as CEO and as chairman in … Continue reading

As large Medicaid cuts loom, states look to convert life insurance polices to long term care benefits to fill the financial gap

Written by Chris Orestis for ProducersWeb Although Medicaid cuts were not part of the federal budget and deficit ceiling compromise agreement (for now), on Aug. 1, 2011, CMS enacted an unprecedented across the board reduction in LTC reimbursements from Medicare and Medicaid of 11.1 percent for 2012. As the debate over how to balance the … Continue reading