2011 LTCi Market Study

In May 2011, Agent’s Sales Journal partnered with the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance to survey licensed agents nationwide about their experience in the LTCI market. Producers were randomly selected from Agent Media’s proprietary database of life and health insurance agents*, and were invited via email to take the survey. More than 600 agents participated.

» How many LTCI policies have you sold this year?

» Compared to 2010, do you expect your 2011 LTCI sales to …

» Which age group do you sell the most LTCI to?

» In the past 12 months, have you been asked about the CLASS Act by a prospect?

» Do you have your own business-focused website?

 » What is your most valuable lead resource for new LTCI prospects?

» What factor is most important to clients when they evaluate an LTCI policy?

» What are your main challenges with selling LTCI?

*Editor’s Note: Summit Business Media owns Agent Media Data, a proprietary database of financial services professionals that includes 1.8 million life, health and annuity agents.


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