There’s More Than Meets the Eye With the ‘Simplified’ Life Insurance Sale

Fewer Americans are insured than ever before and most insurance agents avoid the lower and mddle-market segments. “No one wants to buy insurance until they can’t buy it.” All too often, it takes the shock of a health problem for people to recognize the need for life insurance coverage. Unfortunately, this is the worst possible … Continue reading

Using Social Media To Stay In Touch (with your clients)

Jaimee C. Niles & Pat Wedeking If you think that phone calls and snail mail are the only ways to stay in touch with your clients and prospects, it’s time you moved into the e-marketing arena. Social media will help you expand your reach and solidify your business relationships without putting a dent in your … Continue reading

Boomer Women Need to Start – NOW

We like to think that, when we retire, we’ll have time to do all those activities that are on our “bucket list.” We’ll travel, spend time with friends and family, explore new opportunities that will enhance our lives and expand our sense of possibilities. But to have the retirement life we desire, we need to … Continue reading


Annuities continue to play an important part in retirement income discussions, just as regulators have been strongly focused on the product and how these products are sold. For example, the NAIC adopted a revised Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation in March 2010. As a result of this new model, which has already been adopted … Continue reading

Delayed Income Annuity: The Ultimate Marshmallow Test

“Deferred gratification and delayed gratification denote a person’s ability to wait in order to obtain something that he or she wants. This intellectual attribute is also called impulse control, willpower, self-control and ‘low’ time preference, in economics. Hence, in formal accounting terms, an investor should calculate the net present value of future rewards and defer … Continue reading