Time for Disability Income Insurance?

The last couple of years have been extremely difficult for many Americans. Many business segments have struggled. Your clients, both personal and business, have suffered. Each of you has likely had to retool your practice and probably made some tough decisions. So, why should you look at adding disability income insurance to your day-to-day sales … Continue reading

How to Make Asset-Based LTC Insurance Part of Your Practice

In June, LIMRA research data showed that new premium sales for asset-based long- term care (LTC) insurance products grew by 62 percent in 2010, a strong follow-up to the double-digit growth for these products in 2009.  In fact, 2010 sales surpassed $1 billion. While products in this genre have been available for more than 20 … Continue reading

Boomer Bust Boom

Shell-Shocked Boomers Lead to an Explosion of Opportunity for Annuity Advisors Annuity sales in 2010 crossed the $200 billion mark and 2011 sales continue to climb in double-digit leaps.  This is a good time to be an annuity seller and, with the dramatic stock market fluctuations of late, it’s a good time to be an … Continue reading

The Psychology of the Life Insurance Buyer

Producers can sell a lot more life insurance if they advise clients on their life insurance needs. In some cases, they can double the face amount of policies they sell compared to producers who do not provide a needs analysis. That’s a key takeaway from head-turning new data from LIMRA. It’s also a telling glimpse … Continue reading

Internet Sales Superstar

It should be clear to everyone by now that this Internet thing is not a passing fad. In fact, Internet marketing is not a matter of achieving greater success, but of survival. The question is no longer “should you be marketing on the Internet?” but rather, “how will you do it?” The problem is, it … Continue reading