Producers can be heroes by being indispensable in disability claims SELLING HEALTH INSURANCE IS GETTING TOUGHER. AND THE EMPLOYEE BENEFITS BUSINESS IS NOT GETTING EASIER EITHER. But at a time when producers are struggling to find their footing, you can distinguish yourself by becoming a “disability insurance (DI) guide.” Now, that doesn’t mean simply selling … Continue reading

2012 Doom or Boom?

Experts Refute Ancient Prophesies With the Promise of a New Tech-Rich Era When you ask insurance professionals about predictions, of course you don’t expect wild fantasies such as jet-powered agents and X-Ray objection detectors. Also, don’t expect doomsday prophesies such as Mayan predictions for the “end of time” (that’s on Dec. 21, 2012, by the … Continue reading

The Wiseguy and the Wisdom

I sat toward the back of the room during the LIMRA annual meeting’s general session, so I should not have been surprised to hear a wiseguy chattering behind me. I guess that’s what I get for sitting in the spitballers’ section. I was eager to hear CEO Bob Kerzner and I didn’t need mood-curdling sarcasm. … Continue reading

The Crisis In Life Insurance

There’s a crisis? Absolutely. The crisis lies in the drawer your clients put their life insurance policy in immediately upon purchasing it. Unfortunately, this is where most policies land, in a file drawer, in the basement in a box, in a safe deposit box, or at the office in their personal files, never to be … Continue reading

LTCI: State Deductibility Rules

STATE DEDUCTIBILITY RULES Many states offer tax incentives to encourage the purchase of LTCi. Below is a general summary of state specific tax information for your reference.  This information is current through December 2008 and is subject to change. Taxpayers may need to meet state specific requirements to qualify for deductions or credits for LTCi.   … Continue reading