LTCI Tax-Deductibility Rules: Partnership Limited Liability Company (LLC) Subchapter S Corporation:

Partnership Limited Liability Company (LLC) Subchapter S Corporation

Partners is a partnership, members of an LLC that is taxed as a partnership, and shareholders/employees of Subchapter S Corporations who own more than 2% of the Corporation, are taxed as self-employed individuals. The partnership, LLC or Subchapter S Corporation pays the premium.

The partner, member or shareholder/employee includes the LTCi premium in his/her Adjusted Gross Income, but may deduct up to 100% of the age-based Eligible Premium, as listed in Table 1. It is not necessary to meet a 7.5% AGI threshold.

If the sole shareholder/employee purchases LTCi in his/her own name instead of that of the S Corporation, the S Corporation is not treated as a partnership and the shareholder is not treated as a partner. As such, the shareholder is not treated as self-employed and is only eligible to include his/her eligible LTCi premiums in his/her itemized deductions, which are subject to the 7.5% AGI threshold.

Planning Tip: In a sole proprietor or a partnership situation, the owner/partner who has     a spouse who is a true employee can deduct the actual (full) premium for that spouse’s policy. If that spouse’s policy had a shared benefit rider, that would be included in the deductible premium amount (actual total premium is deductible).


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