LTCI Tax-Deductibility Rules: Self-Employed


A self-employed individual can deduct 100% of his/her out-of-pocket long-term care insurance premiums, up to the Eligible Premium amounts listed above [IRC 162(l)]. The portion of LTCi premiums that exceeds the Eligible Premium (see Table 1) amount is not deductible as a medical expense. The deductible amount includes eligible premiums paid for spouses and dependents [IRC 162(l)]. It is not necessary to meet a 7.5% AGI threshold in order to take this deduction.

However, a self-employed individual may not deduct LTCi premiums during any calendar month in which he/she or his/her spouse is eligible to participate in a subsidized LTCi plan (where the employer pays all or part of the premiums for LTCi).


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