Disability Insurance: A Hard Pill to Swallow

Cardiologists, orthopedic surgeons, physicians, and the pricey nip-and-tuck specialists from Beverly Hills to Park Avenue are all highly trained and highly compensated professionals. Although they possess the skills to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, what happens when they themselves fall off the wall? The results are not so fairytale like: the injury or illness … Continue reading

Beat the Estate Tax Blow: with Deferred Annuities and an Irrevocable Trust

Is life insurance not an option for your client when it comes to legacy planning? Try an annuity instead. The hinge around which estate planning revolves is gifting. The future growth in value of the asset from the date of gift to the date of death will be removed from the estate for estate tax … Continue reading

Filling the Coverage Gap with Supplemental Individual Disability Insurance

Employers want to retain star employees; star employees want to retain their  pay in case of a disability. The solution to both problems? Supplemental individual disability insurance. By 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates there will be 2,125,700 top executives in the corporate market.1 These high-income earners, who include CEOs, COOs and presidents, travel … Continue reading

5 Ways to Open the Executive Benefits Sales Door

These topics and conversation-starters can help get employers to prioritize key employee benefits.  A new year offers new opportunities, and new concerns, for a key employee in a business. Will I succeed with my work goals? Should I look elsewhere for a challenge … and the pay that comes with that challenge? I’m a year … Continue reading

DAI’s LTCi Newsletter for January 2012