Industry Leader Forum: Columbus Life Insurance Company

Opportunities in Uncertainty. As  we see it, doubt about the general economic outlook will continue to prevail in 2012. In this presidential election year, uncertainty about levels of future tax rates, employment, the real estate market and rising health care costs will likely continue for consumers until after the election. However, where there is uncertainty, … Continue reading

Industry Leader Forum: North American Company for Life and Health Insurance

Playing It Smart. The economic crisis of recent years has taken a serious toll on many in our industry. With the financial world recovering from the great recession, many have been holding their breath until the storm passes. While the clouds have begun to part slightly over the past year, with a reported 5 percent … Continue reading

Industry Leader Forum: Transamerica Life Insurance Company

Life insurance is no longer simply about insuring lives. It is about ensuring dreams. In the aftermath of the recession and an economy still in turmoil, customers have seen their current and future prosperity threatened in unprecedented ways. Savings and retirement accounts have been depleted with no clear prospect of how or if those losses … Continue reading

Industry Leader Forum: Lincoln Benefit Life

Strengthening distributor networks. There are two main areas of significant importance to Lincoln Benefit Life (LBL) in 2012. First, we want to deepen our relationships with those brokerage general agencies (BGAs) who are truly focused on offering consumer value-based products, provide incredibly professional service, are transparent in how they operate, are committed to unequivocally excellent … Continue reading