Annuities 101

Don’t understand annuities? Join the club — they’re complicated products. This starter’s guide offers up the basics for life insurance producers interested in adding annuities to their offerings. Annuities can be extremely multifaceted, which makes it all the more important for financial service professionals to understand them, inside and out. This beginner’s guide to the … Continue reading

Universal Life Insurance Premiums May Rise Under NAIC Approach

Premium levels on certain universal life with secondary guarantee and term universal life products may be rising. An approach adopted by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ joint working group would require insurance companies to adjust asset reserve levels associated with these universal life insurance products, and any increases in the requisite reserves would likely … Continue reading

DAI’s LTCi Newsletter for March 2012

DAI News & Notes: DAI’s ACMS – Part II (Needs Analysis)—Notes–DAI-s-ACMS—Part-II–Needs-Analysis-.html?soid=1101728984258&aid=BVbX7OzUB6A.

Creating an Estate Planning Dream Team

A complete financial plan requires a proper mix of investments, insurance, tax planning and legal work. Because it is difficult — even impossible — to be competent and properly licensed in all these areas, professionals often take a team approach to financial planning. Financial advisors, accountants and attorneys each bring a unique perspective that can … Continue reading