New Indexed Life Product Offers Financial Protection For Small Businesses

Business Wire, Inc. WEST DES MOINES, Iowa–(BUSINESS WIRE)– An innovative new indexed life insurance product offers financial protection for small businesses, blended families and people whose estate tax planning needs may change. Aviva USA’s Survivorship Builder combines protection for more than one person on a single policy. “It’s the survivor life insurance equivalent of the … Continue reading

BULLETIN: Important Product Changes: ColonySM Term UL

The Genworth Financial companies are committed to helping you close the coverage gap for Main Street Americans—which includes prospective clients ages 65 and under with $50,000 to $250,000 of income. In this effort, we continue to transition our products and services—making enhancements when possible and revising features as necessary. We are making changes in response … Continue reading


In today’s world of financial uncertainty, participating whole life, and the guarantees it offers, may be an attractive option for consumers. Based on recent sales trends, clients are again considering participating whole life policies as a way to build cash value and offer a death benefit while they are focusing on raising a family. Although … Continue reading

The DAI Annuity Center – IRA Rollovers: How to identify the sale!–How-to-identify-the-sale-.html?soid=1108901228642&aid=SdgreW8G9_k.

Still in the Boys’ Club

Still in the Boys’ Club Women have been in the life insurance business for more than a century. So why are they still on uneven footing with their male colleagues? “In this work it is not only necessary to have a knowledge of human nature and tact but the power of imparting information. One of … Continue reading