5 Tips for a Successful Executive Benefits Sale

The Self-Owned Option Benefit plans specially designed by employers for key employees and executives are often times intended to help recruit, retain and reward. These plans provide financial benefits, specifically wealth accumulation and death benefit protection. Basic benefit and retirement plans have restrictions, such as contribution limits for 401ks or low face amounts in group … Continue reading

THE INNOVATIVE WORKPLACE: YOUNG AND OLD – Taking advantage of the differences.

YOUNG AND OLD – Taking advantage of the differences. Quick! Answer this question: Would you rather have a 25-year-old as your IT manager or a 60-year old? Or this one: Would you rather have a 55-year-old running your multi-million dollar insurance agency or a 35-year-old? Here is an edited version of some age-driven comments about … Continue reading

Mid-Life (Insurance Industry) Crisis?

I have a confession to make. I am having a mid-life crisis. While I saw it coming, I am somewhat surprised by my not-so-graceful entrance into middle- age (undoubtedly, made worse by my son’s eighth grade graduation). Call it what you may, but I have this undeniable urge to discover what lies ahead for me … Continue reading

Insurance Industry Must Fight for Relevance

American College President Larry Barton is known for his straight talk from his perch as the head of insurance’s leading educational institution. He was in top form when he spoke at his college’s online town hall earlier this year, where he said he was very concerned about the industry and companies in particular. In a … Continue reading

The “Stay” Bonus as an Effective Business Succession Tool

According to the Exit Planning Institute, nearly two thirds of closely held business owners say they would like to transition the family business to a succeeding generation as their preferred exit option. While keeping the business in the family is a common objective of business owners, the sad reality is that roughly 70% of all … Continue reading