On Becoming Unconventional

The unlikely scene played out, advisor marketing guru Maribeth Kuzmeski recalls with wry amusement, during morning rush hour at a busy Chicago-area commuter train station one day in 2008, as the economy—and people’s investment accounts—were bottoming out. Seeking a creative way to leverage the financial meltdown in his prospecting efforts, one of Kuzmeski’s advisor clients … Continue reading

Bringing Superior Planning to the Fairer Sex

Many women face a more challenging task preparing for retirement and other planning needs because of the disadvantages they face relative to men.  Here’s how to help. Nearly every day, it seems, a new study is broadcast over the wire services proclaiming Americans’ lack of financial preparedness and the opportunities for advisors to serve them. … Continue reading

The Benefits of a Multi-tasker

Today’s pre- and post-retirees are a savvy bunch. They’ve lived through the upheaval of the ‘60s, the height of the Cold War, multiple economic recessions, ups, downs and all-arounds. Most of them raised children, put them through college and now have the greatest reward of all: grandchildren. It should come as no surprise, then, that … Continue reading

The DAI Annuity Center: ING – Insurance For Your Insurance


Whole Life, Trusts: A One-Two Punch For Special Needs Cases

SEE ALSO the most recent article: Insuring the Parents of Children with Special Needs As long as parents are alive they can take care of their children with disabilities. But what happens when parents can no longer care for their children? Who will step in to take their place? What happens if siblings or other … Continue reading