Top 10 predictions for Life, Health and Annuity Agents in 2012

1. Indexed universal life (IUL) will continue to experience another double-digit increase and break through the $1 billion level
2. You will see more and more life insurance companies beginning to jump on the indexed universal life (IUL) bandwagon
3. Insurance companies that offer fixed indexed annuities and/or IUL indexed products will begin adding more non-stock market indices (precious metals, commodities etc.)
4. The poor interest rate environment and call option pricing will continue to deliver lower than average interest rates and caps for indexed products
5. Market-linked certificates of deport (MLCDs) will experience solid growth as more annuity producers begin adding MLCDs to their offerings
6. A brand new trend of insurance agents using non-insurance products and services will begin to emerge during this struggling economy
7. Insurance companies offering long-term care insurance will unfortunately continue to get even leaner
8. The U.S. economy, the U.S. dollar and the U.S. stock market will face some new threats and major challenges
9. Both the insurance and securities industries will experience increased scrutiny and more stringent regulations
10. An insurance company or IMO/FMO will finally figure out the secret  to exploding IUL sales that I’ve known for years (can you say a commission trail?) Blog added by Jason T. Brown on May 30, 2012


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