100 Best Sales and Marketing Ideas 2012 (21-30)

What’s working from working advisors

Our Annual 100 Best List is 100 percent reader-generated and offers insight into what’s working for working advisors today. Whether you’re looking for insight on referrals, generating leads or simply listening to your clients, this latest list has all the information you’ll need to grow your practice. In addition, this year will feature additional information and exclusive video content at LifeHealthPro.com/100SalesIdeas. There, you can get additional tips and valuable information to help you succeed. Enjoy!

21. The Trusted Adviser. Become a source for useful information. Become the kind of person who cares more about the well-being of the client than you do the monetary compensation.  D. Marshall

22. Selling LTCI Insurance to Affluent Clients. It’s not about money with these clients, it’s about health-care planning. That’s what the personal care advocate in these policies does—he or she can assist in finding the right care, negotiating discounts on the client’s behalf and periodically ensuring the plan of care is being met.  Steve Cain

23. Send Out Cards. After I meet a prospect, whether I make a sale or not, I send them a personalized card either thanking them for their valuable time, or I send them a “welcome to the family” type of card if they become a client at the first meeting. I then send them at least four cards a year. I retain 99.9 percent of my clients, and I get a ton of work off referrals. Marc A. Figlar

24. Be an Advocate! Partner with the Business Alliance for Seniors or the American Alliance of Elder Advocates.  Steve Lanning

25. Keep It Simple. Just ask. Ask the question and listen to the response and offer to help.  Arlo Clemens

26. Continuing Education. Earn a Chartered Advisor for Senior Living (CASL) designation.  Eric B. Gordon

f27. Campus Call. Go to your nearest university and inquire if they have a Senior Academy or other Senior Club or group that meets on the campus. Offer to do an educational seminar designed to address their financial concerns. James Howarth

28. Take the Time to Get to Know Each Client. Do not be presumptuous, or use a cookie-cutter approach. Just because a person has reached a certain age does mean that they are old, or that what’s important to them is the same as what society says it should be for a person of that age.  Robert Collins

29. Couple Care. When one of a couple is likely to be declined for LTCI, I address the unhealthy one first. I explain how a medically underwritten immediate annuity can provide lifetime income much less expensively when life expectancy is less than “average.” The healthy one then easily agrees to buy LTCI, leaving the nest egg for the unhealthy one to use.  Romeo Raabe

30. Talk Radio. I have a 30-minute radio call-in show once each week and run three or four 30-second ads daily Monday through Friday. My sales have doubled (and then some!) in the three years that I have been on the air.  Dee Carter


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