100 Best Sales and Marketing Ideas 2012 (61-70)

What’s working from working advisors

Our Annual 100 Best List is 100 percent reader-generated and offers insight into what’s working for working advisors today. Whether you’re looking for insight on referrals, generating leads or simply listening to your clients, this latest list has all the information you’ll need to grow your practice. In addition, this year will feature additional information and exclusive video content at LifeHealthPro.com/100SalesIdeas. There, you can get additional tips and valuable information to help you succeed. Enjoy!

61. Speak for Success. Develop attorney and CPA relationships by speaking at Bar Associations and CPA Society meetings. Sponsor and speak at Saturday morning breakfast meetings for business owners, doctors, architects, etc.  Art Miller

62. Your Ideal Client. Partner with people/groups that currently have your ideal client!  Judi Snyder

63. A Complete Review. We take people through a process to help them determine what is the “best age” to begin taking their Social Security benefits. If all indicators direct that delaying the receipt of Social Security is to their benefit we help them build an “income bridge” to allow maximization of their benefits.  Richard C. Murphy

64. I Keep it Simple and Brief. Clients and prospects want to fully understand what they are looking to purchase. Keeping it brief does not mean a quick, simplistic, rush-you-out-the-door overview. I ask for a predetermined commitment on my clients’ part to set a series of three meetings lasting no more than an hour.  Jim Asteriou

65. Provide an outstanding office experience. Nothing makes a better first impression with prospects and clients more than a warm greeting in a clean, comfortable environment.

r66. Hold web meetings. As more and more people become comfortable with Skype and other web conferencing options, make better use of your time by meeting via the web.

67. Participate in local charities. By becoming an active participant in local charities, you show clients and prospects that you care about more than “making a buck.”

68. Retention. Always get your married clients’ wedding anniversary date and mail a card 10 days before that date.  Stewart Isbell

69.  The Rental Theory. I do not sell insurance. I only rent money for future delivery. How much do you need? Larry J Howe

70. LinkedIn. Take advantage of the LinkedIn Company feature. Follow companies in your local area and you’ll be notified whenever employees join or leave that company. This is a perfect opportunity to start a conversation about 401k rollovers.  Amy McIlwain


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