100 Best Sales and Marketing Ideas 2012 (71-80)

What’s working from working advisors

Our Annual 100 Best List is 100 percent reader-generated and offers insight into what’s working for working advisors today. Whether you’re looking for insight on referrals, generating leads or simply listening to your clients, this latest list has all the information you’ll need to grow your practice. In addition, this year will feature additional information and exclusive video content at LifeHealthPro.com/100SalesIdeas. There, you can get additional tips and valuable information to help you succeed. Enjoy!


s71. Prospects are Everywhere. Everyone is a potential client. Don’t just look to seminars, chamber meetings and sponsored events. Anybody you interact with could be your next client.  George Philhower III

72. Advisor Luncheon. I host a monthly “Advisor Luncheon.” Clients are encouraged to bring guests. We provide a wide variety of topics for discussion and bring in special speakers from organizations such as AARP, Social Security and Senior Services to educational speakers, such as the Geek Squad, Master Gardeners, Chefs, etc. It is crucial now more than ever to have constant contact with clients, and this is an easy and inexpensive means to introduce their friends to my practice.  Virginia Wrig

73. Join the Party. Oftentimes, prospects are concerned about the economy, taxes, possible future health challenges, etc. I agree, saying: “That’s exactly why we should get together, when is good for you?”  Paco Maribona

74. What About CDs? Question to a prospective client who has qualified monies in CDs at the bank: “Since you’re earning almost nothing on your CDs and/or since it’ll be a while till they mature, would you like to get out of them and put them into an account paying better interest, and pay no penalty?”   Alan C. Kifer

75. The Social Plan. Social Security increases at 8 percent per year if not taken at age 62. Advise clients to wait before beginning Social Security.  Steve Guiness


76. The Entire Family. While getting to know my senior clients I always get the names and numbers of their grown children and with my client’s permission, I always invite their children to the closing and all of the subsequent annual reviews. Most children want to be involved with their parents’ finances to help protect them.  Leon Hiracheta

77. Calling All Lawyers. I ask lawyers during the holiday season who they buy Christmas gifts for, and later ask for an introduction to those people. It is one of the best ways to get referrals from lawyers who are usually very reluctant to do introductions.  Tunc Tanin

78. The Letter. When giving a presentation to sell long-term care, most prospects will come up with some objection. Prepare in advance a typed letter, to be signed by the prospect (and spouse if applicable) that you have presented the facts to them, but they have chosen to self-insure and carry that risk themselves. Most prospects will read the letter, think about it, and then agree to apply for the long-term care coverage.  H. Wallace Garrett

79. The Eyes Have It. When talking with a potential client, look squarely into their eyes and speak clearly!  Pete Pettersen

80. The Storyteller. When meeting with a client listen to their needs and recall a previous client who had a similar situation. Using (fictional names) tell a story about a client who had the same need and what their solution was. Clients like to hear that others have picked the same product—it makes them feel comfortable with their decision.  Karen Dolan



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