100 Best Sales and Marketing Ideas 2012 (91-100)

What’s working from working advisors

Our Annual 100 Best List is 100 percent reader-generated and offers insight into what’s working for working advisors today. Whether you’re looking for insight on referrals, generating leads or simply listening to your clients, this latest list has all the information you’ll need to grow your practice. In addition, this year will feature additional information and exclusive video content at LifeHealthPro.com/100SalesIdeas. There, you can get additional tips and valuable information to help you succeed. Enjoy!

91. Head of the Class. My best marketing tactic still remains my teaching an adult financial educational course at a local university. My largest high-net-worth clients have always come from referrals from the students who enroll in my classes.  James R. Veal

92. All Ears. Listen to the client and do less talking.  Liz Harper

93. You Gotta Ask. A very simple and basic one. When I first started, an “old timer” told me that no matter what, never leave the house without asking them to buy—“you gotta ask.”  James Calverts

94. Reversionary Annuities. A great way to provide a lifetime income to a surviving spouse upon the death of an individual.  Chuck Preti

95. No Alpha Dog. When waiting at the door for the client to arrive, turn to the side and look away so they see you first instead of you peering into the home. When they arrive, take one step back to show deference. It works.  Claude Peltz

96. Stand and Deliver. I always promise (and deliver) to show them the best plan for them, regardless of whether I can sell it to them or not.  Jim League

97. Show Respect. Treat all prospects the same, with respect and no thought of their economic status.  Michael Briery

98. Partnerships. Partner with senior living communities to sponsor events and also conduct presentations to community residents and family members on topical financial issues.  Christopher Bell

99. The Expert Plan. Become an expert on Medicare and Social Security so that you can show the client how private supplemental policies will truly benefit them and work with their Medicare.  Jacie Caballero

100. A Bowl of Potato Salad. When we have a customer who is resisting life insurance (especially males) we will come back with: At the time of your death, would you rather us deliver a bowl of potato salad to your wife and kids, or a check for $100,000?  Mary Jo Pledger


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