Succession Planning: The Best Time to Start Linking your Agency to the Future is Now

The key to successful succession planning is taking the time to do it right, according to Rick Dennen, founder, president and CEO of Oak Street Funding, a company that specializes in lending money to insurance agencies. As Rick points out, the objective of a succession plan for some agency owners is to perpetuate the dreams … Continue reading

Customize annuity options with laddering

Using annuities of different durations allows advisors to better adapt their senior clients’ retirement plans to suit changing needs and risky environments.  As an agent who has worked with hundreds of clients to help them build and protect their retirement nest eggs, I am now faced with helping my clients make the dramatic shift from … Continue reading

Where linked LTC products come into play

A lot of clients who object to traditional LTC coverage remain great prospects for linked LTC solutions.  I was recently challenged by a financial professional who asked me why anyone would sell linked long-term care solutions, such as life insurance or annuities with a long-term care (LTC) rider. He was of the opinion that life … Continue reading

The DAI Annuity Center – ING Performance Trigger Strategy

Boomers: Not One Size Fits All

You can’t put baby in a corner, and you can’t put baby boomers in one giant group. A look at the different needs and possible product solutions for various boomers. Boomers range in age from 45 to 65, so attracting them and selling to them presents a broad range of challenges. At the risk of … Continue reading