Underwriting Members of the U.S. Military


MetLife is proud to offer members of the United States military life insurance coverage.

As a member of the United States military, you may be eligible for life insurance— with no war restrictions or war-zone exclusion riders—even if you have orders to deploy to a war zone.

Here are some things you should know about applying for life insurance with MetLife while you are in the military:

The application and all underwriting requirements must be completed in the United States

MetLife life insurance policies do not include any war restrictions or war-zone exclusion clauses

Your amount of coverage may be limited based on financial and suitability of sale considerations

All of MetLife’s normal age and amount guidelines will apply

If your military duties include extra risks or involvement with some special force units, your life insurance premiums may be higher or you may be declined coverage1

If you are employed by a private military contractor and are working in active combat zones, you are not eligible for life insurance coverage

At MetLife, we appreciate the sacrifices made by members of the United States Armed Forces. In recognition of these sacrifices, MetLife is proud to offer members of the U.S. military financial protection through an array of life insurance products that can meet their unique needs.

1. Members of the following special forces units will not be considered for life insurance coverage: Army Special Forces and Rangers, Delta Force, Navy SEAL or Special Warfare Development Group, Marine Force Reconnaissance and Air Force Special Forces.


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