Succeeding With Whole Life

  Advisor Steve Vasgaard helps his clients make the leap to financial stability. Experienced senior market advisors can recall when the stock markets could do no wrong. Clients­—and many advisors—assumed that stock and mutual fund portfolios would grow consistently by double digits. In contrast, cash value life insurance products were deemed a low-yield waste of … Continue reading

Making the Pitch

Try these strategies when selling life insurance to your senior clients. Although the uncertain economic environment benefits overall life insurance sales, you still need a sales strategy to motivate potential buyers. We asked two industry veterans, one in personal production and one overseeing a national sales force for a carrier, for their insights into today’s … Continue reading

Uncertainty Pushes Sales Higher

Now more than ever before, older clients want the guaranteed returns and risk protection life insurance offers. Many older clients have developed stock-market fatigue. At the same time, though, yields on conservative fixed-income investments have dropped to historic lows. That combination makes the guaranteed returns and risk protection benefits available with cash-value life insurance look … Continue reading