Combatting consumer apathy

Americans have no shortage of reasons why they don’t buy — or don’t buy enough — life insurance. The industry’s challenge is finding a way to turn life insurance from a “nice-to-have” into a “need-to-have” in the minds of consumers. As anyone in the life insurance industry knows, most Americans are dangerously uninsured or underinsured … Continue reading

Not your Grandpa’s long-term care

LTCI ain’t what it used to be — and that’s a good thing, says Jesse Slome, executive director of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance. Advertisers used to trot out claims of “new and improved!” products all the time a few decades ago. Outside of infomercials, it’s not a ploy you see much these … Continue reading

Executive benefits: Beyond COLI and split dollar

Today’s employers can better reward, and retain, key employees with benefits that are immediate and personal. In my practice in Silicon Valley, we focus primarily on working with high-end, closely held service businesses. This means we are working with companies whose primary product is the work or advice given by the company’s employees. Each of … Continue reading

Genworth redefines healthy: pre-existing conditions not always barrier to life insurance

Too many Americans have taken themselves out of the market for life insurance as a result of outdated assumptions about pre-existing conditions and insurability. That is one of the conclusions drawn by Genworth life insurance experts from a review of the 2012 Genworth LifeJacketSM Study data.

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