A Cooperative DI Claim Effort: Suggestions For The Professional Advisor

Editor’s Note: This article is excerpted from Allan Checkoway’s latest book, Getting Paid: An Insider’s Guide to Filing Your Long Term Disability Claim or Appeal with The Department of Veterans Affairs, The Social Security Administration, Your Disability Insurer. While the title would lead you to believe that it is geared toward consumers, this comprehensive book … Continue reading

Taking A Personal Approach To Selling Disability Insurance

When it comes to selling disability income insurance (DI), a common challenge brokers face is overcoming the it will never happen to me mentality among potential customers. It’s often only after someone experiences an unfortunate illness or injury that he really understands the value and significance of DI protection. This persistent barrier can be taken … Continue reading

Disability Insurance: do you have it?

We buy a lot of insurance, most of the time because they are mandatory. Auto, homeowners insurance are the most common; then comes health, and maybe life insurance. When we put it all together they take a healthy chunk of the typical family budget. When we have those bases covered, a lot of us think … Continue reading

Disability Insurance: do you have it?

Disability Insurance: do you have it?.

When Traditional Carriers Can’t, or Won’t

Most insurance professionals do not sell disability insurance — and many of those who do sell it so infrequently that the sales process becomes an unfamiliar chore. One of the most common reasons that producers do not sell DI programs at the same level and intensity as other products is because they have had negative … Continue reading