“B” Trust Funding—Paying Life Insurance Premiums Without Impairing Cash Flow

The Challenge One of the greatest challenges of estate planning is to design an estate plan to transfer wealth while providing the necessary liquidity to pay estate taxes and other transfer costs. Life insurance is frequently used to provide this liquidity, but paying the life insurance premiums can be a difficult second challenge—especially when one … Continue reading

Consumer Psychology: Why some insurance products sell better than others.

While people know their whole lives they are going to die, thinking about this ultimate destiny is difficult. Yet that is what insurance producers are asking consumers to do in the life insurance sales process. Producers must be sensitive to consumer psychology while helping their clients recognize and accept their needs for financial protection. What … Continue reading

Habits of Highly Successful Producers (Section 3 – Page 11)

Habits of Highly Successful Producers (Section 3 – Page 10)

Producers and their Brokerage Agencies (Section 2 – Page 9)