A Flexible Solution to Attract and Retain Key Employees

401(k) Look-Alike Plan with a S.O.L.A.R. Insurance Arrangement: A flexible solution to attract and reward key employees! In a classic 401(k) Look-Alike Plan, a traditional nonqualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plan, the employee participants choose to defer receipt of a portion of their income and thereby defer the income taxes due on that income. Employers also … Continue reading

Checklist for Life Insurance Beneficiary Designations

Checklist for Primary Beneficiaries  Is each specifically identified by name, date of birth, and Social Security /TIN Number?  Does the total of all percentage interests add up to 100%?  Is any beneficiary designated as “irrevocable?”  Is any beneficiary a minor?  If so, will there be a legal guardian, trust or … Continue reading

Advanced Sales Materials for Unmarried Partners

People form many different types of committed relationships; many of them do not involve a marriage contract.  Because they aren’t married, they can’t take advantage of the many tax and retirement benefits established for “traditional” married couples. Despite this, unmarried couples still have a number of effective planning tools at their disposal which they can … Continue reading

Ethnic Marketing–How Cultural Differences Affect Retirement Planning and Saving

Ethnic Marketing–How Cultural Differences Affect Retirement Planning and Saving by Fabian Gonzalez California’s financial professionals know, perhaps better than anyone, that the emerging opportunity to serve multicultural markets is significant. Sixteen percent of the nation is of Hispanic/Latino origin, but that percentage is more than double in California (38%), according to 2010 Census data. Similarly, … Continue reading

What’s Likely to Happen to Federal Transfer Taxes in 2012?

Probably Nothing Since 2012 is an important election year, many experts believe Congress is unlikely to pass any legislation relating to the federal gift, estate and generation skipping transfer (GST) taxes. The current political differences between Republicans and Democrats make it unlikely the House and the Senate will reach a compromise which could win the … Continue reading