Carriers and Castaways

Companies and agents must rescue each other for the good of the industry. Sometimes it seems as though insurance agents have become the real-life embodiment of Chuck Noland, the FedEx employee portrayed by Tom Hanks in the movie Castaway. He survived a plane crash, only to be stranded on a desolate island for four years … Continue reading

Generational Disconnect: How Veteran Advisors and Young Recruits KEEP ON TRACK

There comes a day when veteran independent advisors look away from their desks and sense a yawning gap in the middle of the office.  Across it they see a young advisor and then admit to themselves, “how fresh, energenic, bright – and clueless” That young recruit looks back, no doubt thinking how fuddy-duddy the older … Continue reading

The New Golden Handcuffs

How a split-dollar strategy allows deferred compensation for small- to mid-sized companies With all the changes to executive benefit arrangements in the past decade, can a smallto medium-sized employer on a budget provide a meaningful benefit to key employees to ensure loyalty and compete with larger corporations? The answer is a resounding “yes.” The passage … Continue reading

Secrets of Selling Insurance to Multicultural Clients

Minorties in America are more than one-third of the population and the US Census Bureau estimates they will become the majority by 2050. The minority population is growing much faster than the Caucasion population primarily because these families are younger and larger on average. Whether you sell life, disability, long term care this is good … Continue reading

Behavioral Economics – Sales from Your Clients’ Point of View

Behavioral economics is a blend of psychological and economic insights into how people manage risk and make important financial decisions. Research in this emerging field already has produced two Nobel Prizes in economics. Considerable evidence has accumulated over the years demonstrating that people do not process and act upon that kind of information in the … Continue reading