Cost Perception May Deter Life Insurance Sales

New LIFE Foundation and LIMRA Study Finds Misconceptions Over Cost May be Preventing Many from Getting Coverage They Need Consumers believe life insurance costs nearly three times the actual price, which may be deterring them from getting the coverage they say they need, according to a new report released today by the nonprofit LIFE Foundation … Continue reading

Boomer Women Need to Start – NOW

We like to think that, when we retire, we’ll have time to do all those activities that are on our “bucket list.” We’ll travel, spend time with friends and family, explore new opportunities that will enhance our lives and expand our sense of possibilities. But to have the retirement life we desire, we need to … Continue reading

Top 12 Myths about Life Insurance

There’s something about life insurance that just freaks some people out. For one thing, it forces them to confront the notion of dying. For another, it demands they think about tomorrow when they don’t know what to do about today. So instead, they stick their heads in the sand. It’s not surprising then, that according … Continue reading

DAI News: September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

2011 Life Insurance Market Study: The Cost Conundrum

The key to persuading prospects they need life insurance? Establishing a personal connection Agents hear the same objection from prospects nearly every day: “Life insurance is too expensive.” This particular challenge is like music to my ears. It’s an opportunity to help them fully understand the implications and expenses associated with not having life insurance. … Continue reading