“Preferred” Prognostications

We operate two life underwriting study groups for the benefit of the industry. Taken together, they include over 40 chief underwriters plus nearly all reinsurers and major service firms. Based on what was discussed at these open forums, its time to go out on the proverbial limb with some predictions and opinions about preferred underwriting … Continue reading

Issues Impacting Life Insurance Sales

Potential buyers of life insurance must make many decisions when selecting policies appropriate for them. Currently complicated outside factors are influencing their thinking and may be affecting purchases. These factors are low interest rates, the pending reduction of the estate/gift tax exemption, and the reserve requirements in Actuarial Guideline 38 (AG 38) and Europe’s Solvency … Continue reading

Cyberspace Survival Guide

5 Steps you (and your BGA) can take to protect your mission critical data. In today’s 24/7 world, advances in technology have enabled companies to be accessible to their clients anytime, anywhere, and cutting-edge BGAs of all sizes are effectively implementing the latest software, tablets, smart phones, computers and communications tools to streamline their operations … Continue reading

Weight Underwriting: Truth or Consequences

Misperceptions abound regarding the true insurability implications of weight. This article will focus in on those issues that matter and explain why. In which ways can we approach the assessment of weight? “Build” (weight in relation to height) Body mass index (BMI)—a simple calculation Markers for visceral obesity.  BMI is an upgrade over “Build.” Nevertheless, … Continue reading

The Beginning of the End of McCarren-Ferguson

The Beginning of the End of McCarran-Ferguson? his past fall, the Department of Treasury posted a notice in the October 17 Federal Register requesting public comment on “How to Modernize and Improve the System of Insurance Regulation in the United States.” Input collected from public comments will be included in a study being conducted by … Continue reading