In today’s world of financial uncertainty, participating whole life, and the guarantees it offers, may be an attractive option for consumers. Based on recent sales trends, clients are again considering participating whole life policies as a way to build cash value and offer a death benefit while they are focusing on raising a family. Although … Continue reading

Paying for Long Term Care, a New Look at an LTC Insurance Policy

One of the most challenging parts of insurance planning is the sale of long term care insurance.  As the population ages, the need for this type of coverage is becoming more and more important and needs to be addressed.  People are living longer and the probability that they will need some type of care increases.  … Continue reading

How is Life Insurance Taxed

Historically, life insurance has been considered beneficial to the public good because it contributes to the financial preservation of families. As a result, certain tax benefits are provided for life insurance products. This discussion will summarize the main points of federal income taxes for death proceeds and living benefits of an individual life insurance contract. … Continue reading