Five Common Misconceptions about Long Term Care Insurance

With all the misconceptions out about long term care insurance, Robert Cardona, of his LTC Insurance Solutions Inc., would like to share the five most common. In 2011, the average cost of a semi-private room in a nursing home is $86,040 annually. With an average stay of 2.4 years, that’s more than $206,496 per average … Continue reading


For those of you who haven’t seen Woody Allen’s miraculous “Midnight in Paris”, I’m about to spoil the takeaway: each era waxes nostalgiac about the age before. Finding ourselves jaded and cynical today, we call forth fond remembrances of Golden yesteryear. Now more than ever, long-term care insurance stakeholders and observers alike are failing to … Continue reading

Top 10 predictions for Life, Health and Annuity Agents in 2012

1. Indexed universal life (IUL) will continue to experience another double-digit increase and break through the $1 billion level 2. You will see more and more life insurance companies beginning to jump on the indexed universal life (IUL) bandwagon 3. Insurance companies that offer fixed indexed annuities and/or IUL indexed products will begin adding more … Continue reading

LTCI options for uninsurable prospects

Although the climate is beginning to change for the positive, today’s long term care insurance (LTCI) marketplace is tough. It’s hard enough to even get people to the table to discuss the importance of this vital coverage. And when you do, it typically requires at least one very lengthy meeting (more likely two or three) … Continue reading

Why should your clients buy critical illness insurance?

For clients who are building toward retirement, a life threatening condition could postpone their retirement, while a diagnosis could significantly affect or even eliminate retirement accumulation. What is critical illness insurance? It is protective coverage that pays a tax-free, lump sum benefit upon confirmed diagnosis of a covered critical, life-threatening condition. The benefit is paid … Continue reading