Succession Planning: The Best Time to Start Linking your Agency to the Future is Now

The key to successful succession planning is taking the time to do it right, according to Rick Dennen, founder, president and CEO of Oak Street Funding, a company that specializes in lending money to insurance agencies. As Rick points out, the objective of a succession plan for some agency owners is to perpetuate the dreams … Continue reading

THE INNOVATIVE WORKPLACE: YOUNG AND OLD – Taking advantage of the differences.

YOUNG AND OLD – Taking advantage of the differences. Quick! Answer this question: Would you rather have a 25-year-old as your IT manager or a 60-year old? Or this one: Would you rather have a 55-year-old running your multi-million dollar insurance agency or a 35-year-old? Here is an edited version of some age-driven comments about … Continue reading

Is Your Independent Agency At Risk?

Risk management begins at home One of the main things we teach at The Sitkins Producer Training Camp is risk assessment. When you are working with prospects or clients, you should help them assess their risk and develop specific Risk Reduction Plans. It’s all part of our “set offense,” known as The Risk Reduction Approach(TM). … Continue reading