The Future of Independent Life Insurance Distribution

by C. Bayne Northern, MSM, CLU®, ChFC® for the Winter 2012 issue of The Wealth Channel Magazine How historical trends, future threats and opportunities are shaping the life insurance industry. This research paper provides an insightful and comprehensive review of the evolution of the consumer, the profile of the independent producer, the impact of the … Continue reading

Why Advisors are Getting the Gen Y Pink Slip

The insurance industry remains befuddled by Gen Y, more specifically those born after 1980. Carriers are trying to figure out when and how to build products for them. Intermediaries are trying to capture them on social media. Advisors are trying to figure out how to keep them as clients after their parents die. Finding and attracting … Continue reading

Using Life Insurance to Help Supplement Your Retirement Income

Incorporating life insurance into your client’s retirement plan can be key to them saving more. In today’s economic environment we are learning how self-sufficient we need to become to support an extended retirement. Pressure is everywhere. Employers looking to trim costs are cutting benefits such as pensions and 401(k) matches; governments are looking to cut … Continue reading

Retirement Strategies That Beat Father Time

How deferred income annuities can be a powerful option in creating a successful retirement plan. While most people refer to him as Father  Time, in the financial industry we have a more accurate, yet slightly less friendly, name for him: longevity risk. If longevity risk—the risk of outliving one’s money—was an easy problem to solve, … Continue reading

Addressing Longevity Risk

Know how to best mitigate your clients’ financial risks in living to a ripe old age. My friend, Cavett Robert, founder of the National Speakers Association, took a question from the audience. A young man raised his hand: “Mr. Robert, may I ask, please, how old you are?” Cavett, impeccably dressed with perfectly creased slacks … Continue reading