A not-so-hidden source of life insurance premiums (presentation)

One of the most difficult steps in the life insurance sale is finding the funding for the client’s policy premiums. But what if there was a way that clients could provide financial assistance for loved ones without affecting their own retirement lifestyle? https://www.brainshark.com/transamerica/vu?pi=zF1zUv14HzNDfz0&intk=398943759

Life Insurance, Living Benefits, and Long Term Care:

Protection for All of Life’s Stages By John Oliver, CLU, ChFC, Vice President, Field Development for Transamerica A young couple just beginning a family. A GenXer sending a child to college. A Baby Boomer looking ahead to retirement. A senior enjoying the golden years. It seems as if they have little in common. However, an accident, … Continue reading

The New TransACE® Long Term Care Rider: A Smart Combination

TransACE with the new Long Term Care (LTC) Rider is the smart  solution for clients looking for guarantees, flexibility and control in                 these uncertain economic times. Two levels of protection: Clients can receive LTC benefits should they need long term care and, if care is not needed, they can provide a guaranteed death benefit to their beneficiaries. … Continue reading

Leveraging the Need for Guarantees in Today’s Market

The weak economic recovery has left many consumers standing on the sidelines filled with uncertainty about their financial decisions—Is it the right time to buy a home? Is the job market stable enough to pursue new opportunities? Is it safe to invest in the stock market? The trends shaping today’s consumer purchasing decisions are the … Continue reading

Life Insurance is the Solution

Watch This Compelling Video from Transamerica  The industry is in a unique positionto help families   protect the long-term security of their loved ones using life insurance. And   with only one third of Americans covered by individual life insurance, life   insurance professionals have a big opportunity to make a difference in   people’s … Continue reading