10 estate planning tasks your client should do before 2013

By Jonathan A. Mintz, J.D. for LifeHealthPro.com. Jonathan Mintz is chief operating officer of WealthCounsel, a membership organization of thousands of estate planning attorneys located in all 50 states. Jonathan is also the COO of WealthCounsel’s sister company, The Advisors Forum LLC The end of the year will be here before we know it. But … Continue reading

Adding Values to the Boomer Estate Plan

Baby boomers’ outlook on the future economic health of our nation is gloomy — 62% are dissatisfied with the next generation’s prospects to have a better life than they did.1 This statistic isn’t shocking, given the average U.S. family lost nearly 40% of its wealth during the Great Recession of 2007 to 2010.2 As the … Continue reading

Focus on the Legacy, Not the Tax Bill

As the current estate tax sunsets and uncertainty approaches, reframe your discussions with clients to focus on legacy planning rather than estate tax solutions. Concern over the stuttering economy, uncertainty surrounding the upcoming election and the ambiguity of future estate tax legislation have left many high net-worth Americans stunned and leery about planning for estate … Continue reading