Don’t file those life insurance policies away

With lower interest rates, it is crucial that advisors keep an eye on the condition of in-force policies. Life insurance is a key component of any estate plan, but chances are, your client’s life has changed since he purchased it — and so have his financial needs. Given the shifting economic realities of the past … Continue reading

The life insurance fiscal cliff: The end of a tax-preferred product class?

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File) The potential elimination of many tax preferences currently afforded life insurance is one facet of today’s fiscal cliff discussions that is often overlooked. Current proposals include provisions that could result in the imposition of taxes and elimination of deductions for both individual and corporate-owned life insurance policies, the proceeds of which … Continue reading

Successful Claims Strategies Must Address New Customer Attitudes and Expectations

by Michael Costinis for May 2012 issue of Insurance & Technology Magazine. Michael Costonis is managing director of Accenture’s global claims practice. Winning and retaining policyholders often comes down to providing  a superior claims experience. But meeting consumers’ changing needs and expectations requires insurers to reinvent the claims operation. The claims function plays a key role … Continue reading