The annuity evolution

Features available on today’s fixed indexed annuities can give consumers the growth and safety they crave while allowing carriers to survive a low interest rate environment. The headline on a recent Bloomberg news story was eye-catching: “Low Rates May Be ‘Devastating’ to Annuities, Group Says.” The article centered on a speech by LIMRA Chief Executive … Continue reading

The DAI Annuity Center: A Holiday Cheer! Have you heard?–Have-you-heard—.html?soid=1108901228642&aid=HBkp4jYSpz4.

The DAI Annuity Center: It’s New – Genworth Financial CapMax – Have you heard about it?—Genworth-Financial-CapMax—Have-you-heard-about-it-.html?soid=1108901228642&aid=kz5cQDLRapk.

MVAs: Most Valuable Annuity?

Annuity Insider What on earth is an MVA? According to Barron’s Insurance Dictionary, a Market Value Adjustment is “an increase or decrease in the surrender charge of the life insurance policy or annuity contract depending on the current financial markets.” Well, kinda. An MVA is actually separate from the surrender charge. In essence, an MVA … Continue reading

RMDs: A clear and present danger to a retirement plan

RMDs are dangerous to seniors’ financial health. The solution? A lifetime income annuity. Although they might claim that they are here to help boomers and seniors retire, are you sure that the government’s “retirement plan” is the best option for your clients? At age 70-and-a-half, all seniors have to take RMDs (Required Minimum Distributions) from … Continue reading