Tech Support

Afraid to jump on the technology bandwagon? Don’t be. Financial planner Bill Winterberg says he can understand why many of his peers treat new technology as warily as they would an investment recommendation from someone with no track record. “I think many advisors want to see a proven return on investment, and they want to … Continue reading

Combatting consumer apathy

Americans have no shortage of reasons why they don’t buy — or don’t buy enough — life insurance. The industry’s challenge is finding a way to turn life insurance from a “nice-to-have” into a “need-to-have” in the minds of consumers. As anyone in the life insurance industry knows, most Americans are dangerously uninsured or underinsured … Continue reading

Podcast Series: Building a More Successful Practice

By Andy Moyer for NAIFA Advisor Today The following are audio articles, or podcasts, that you can listen to at your convenience—on your computer, your MP3 player or burn it to a CD. If you’ve never subscribed to a podcast, or downloaded an audio file, see the instructions on how to start. Be sure to … Continue reading