A Broker’s Perspective…Choice: A Shortcut to Success

An individual’s right to choice is one of the most important symbols of freedom in America. Our profession has produced a great many highly successful individuals with certain traits in common that are worth learning. While many life producers enter our industry as agents representing a single company, by experience they soon learn the importance … Continue reading

Are your sales where you hoped they would be? Or…are you scrambling to catch up?

   Well here we are, entering the last quarter of 2011. LIMRA has just published the results of a study they conducted on the underinsured households in the United States. The new report, “Trillion Dollar Baby Growing Up,” estimates that life insurance sales would increase $9.5 trillion if the 48 million underinsured households bought the … Continue reading

Disability Insurance Forum

According to these successful marketers, there are endless possibilities for growth and success in the DI business. Q: What led you to specialize in the DI market? Kenneth Bloch: I was fortunate to begin my career with a carrier that considered individual DI their premier product. Although that company offered other products and services, the … Continue reading

Taking The “Youmanity” Approach In Marketing Insurance

The classic visual image of a life insurance agent is that of a trusted advisor seated at a dining room table, providing guidance to a couple about caring for their family’s financial future. Unfortunately, the imagery of a company actually underwriting that protection is not as endearing. An insurance company makes it to the family … Continue reading