Life insurance: An overlooked asset class

When added to a portfolio, life insurance can boost both diversification and risk protection. Financial advisors certainly have their work cut out for them in today’s uncertain environment. But they also have the opportunity to lead the way on best practices and become clients’ voice of reason. Being a voice of reason includes the ability … Continue reading

Baby Boom retirees rely more than ever on personal savings to sustain retirement income

The New Savings Paradigm By Christopher J. Cummings and Shawn E. Sanderson for November 2012 issue of Life & Health Advisor Mr. Sanderson is an Investment Consultant with Manning & Napier. His primary responsibilities include contributing to the firm’s Life Cycle consulting efforts. Mr. Cummings, CFP, CFA is the Managing Director of the Client Analytics … Continue reading

Expanding the whole life conversation

If there’s a silver lining to the lackluster market performance of recent years, it’s that more clients appreciate the need for true — not just cosmetic — diversification in their approach to managing their financial investments. While diversification is no guarantee of success, of course, many clients have embraced the long-held notion that the key … Continue reading