Life insurance: An overlooked asset class

When added to a portfolio, life insurance can boost both diversification and risk protection. Financial advisors certainly have their work cut out for them in today’s uncertain environment. But they also have the opportunity to lead the way on best practices and become clients’ voice of reason. Being a voice of reason includes the ability … Continue reading

Estate planning for young families

Many young families put off estate planning. If asked, they may say they are too young, healthy or can’t afford it. Some have trouble just thinking about what could happen if they should die while their minor children and spouse are depending on them. But even a healthy, young adult can be taken suddenly by … Continue reading

Expanding the whole life conversation

If there’s a silver lining to the lackluster market performance of recent years, it’s that more clients appreciate the need for true — not just cosmetic — diversification in their approach to managing their financial investments. While diversification is no guarantee of success, of course, many clients have embraced the long-held notion that the key … Continue reading

Succeeding With Whole Life

  Advisor Steve Vasgaard helps his clients make the leap to financial stability. Experienced senior market advisors can recall when the stock markets could do no wrong. Clients­—and many advisors—assumed that stock and mutual fund portfolios would grow consistently by double digits. In contrast, cash value life insurance products were deemed a low-yield waste of … Continue reading

Protecting Gen Y’s Greatest Asset with DI

Education is key to dispelling the myth that financial protection is a discretionary need. As a cross-section of Americans to name their most important fianncial assets and you would draw some predictable responses: 401K plan, and IRA, a home – perhaps a business. Many may not hink about their ability to work and earn an … Continue reading